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Erica Williams

CEO of New Vision Leadership

The Impact of Travel
     New Vision Leadership seeks to expose youth to the power of travel. When a youth is able to experience different cultures and climates, their perspective broadens.

Teen's First Golf Experience

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Coding and App Development with CGI


Our Mission

A New Vision Leadership Foundation of Acadiana seeks to provide a unique space for youth to grow through education, exposure, and empowerment.  Our mission is achieved by linking educational instruction with hands-on experiences, college and job readiness, and building leadership skills for future success.

Social Distancing Book Club

The year 2020 presented great obstacles for our youth, but we found creative ways to continue to engage them in fun, educational learning activities.  We completed the book "Dry" and are currently reading "Haben".  Both of these books were supplied by the Lafayette Public Library as part of their Lafayette Reads Program.

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